An ideal service apartment / Guest house to accommodate visiting business delegates with a choice of medium to long term stay. Our corporate residence is also a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality professional service apartment with homely ambience.
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Terms & Conditions

Bringing/consumption of liquor or any alcohol in the apartment is strictly prohibited under any circumstances as we offer a homely ambience.

This is a NON-ALCOHOLIC place.

Smoking in common areas is not permitted, and should not cause any inconvenience/ discomfort to others.

To use internet facilities, Guest must not download, generate, change, print, transmit, or make use of in any other way, obscene materials or information that can reasonably be judged to be inappropriate or offensive or illegal according to Government law and also take the full responsibility for all the data (bytes) sent or received from their system or Mac/Physical address and will not indulge in any activity whereby it results either directly or indirectly in termination of voice communication to telephone with in India and establishing connection to any public switched network and or gateway between internet & PSTN/ISDN/PLMN in India, which are permissible as per Government rules in force. We are not responsible for the laptops/computers and its data or any other software/hardware and no liability can be accepted

Would be requiring a letter from the company/ reference confirming the details about the person staying and should take full responsibly during the stay period.

An Agreement is made between us and company and the company shall exclusively use the premises for the stay and or residing purpose company’s executives / officials only. The company will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the said premises and all other facilities therein the premises. occupied by executives/officials or any other person / persons for and on behalf of the company.