An ideal service apartment / Guest house to accommodate visiting business delegates with a choice of medium to long term stay. Our corporate residence is also a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality professional service apartment with homely ambience.
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What is a Serviced Apartment?

The service apartment in Hyderabad is a fully furnished apartment designed for short-term to long stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Some Serviced apartments also provide the service of a care taker. Service Apartment provides amenities like telephone, internet, Laundry Service, housekeeping etc. Corporate houses prefer taking up service appartments rather than hotel rooms for their executives/guests as these are more economical than Luxury Star hotels and these corporate guest accommodation places are also cheaper than Budget Hotels, and one saves on expenses of food and other services.

Serviced apartments are gradually emerging as the most trendy place to stay for both corporate and leisure travelers today. A serviced apartment is a rental facility, like a hotel, where you can stay for a few days or a few weeks depending on the nature and purpose of your visit.

Many guests prefer to stay at serviced apartments when they relocate to a new city and have to look for a permanent place. The reason why serviced apartments are the preferred choice for those who seek transit accommodation either for short-term or extended stay is because living at a serviced apartment feels much like living at home. You don't get the "I am living in a hotel" feeling when you live in a serviced apartment. These apartments are convenient, especially when travelling with a family, because the whole family can stay in one apartment.

Serviced apartments are operated much like hotels-- you reserve rooms by calling or writing to the property, you follow a check-in and check-out schedule, and you don't have to pay extra for services such as housekeeping, maintenance and utilities. Serviced apartments are usually 40% to 50% less expensive when you compare them to hotels are convenient and economical.

There are many versions of service apartments few operate just like hotels, a few like home, there are service apartments only for women. one can even customize the apartment depending on his/her options. There are no set rules to how a service apartment has to be.

It is always better to have a actual look at the apartment before renting it out, there have been many cases where website photographs are not actual place to be rented out. Also one has to check with the Facilities being ofered, what are the charges for other services.

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